Reverse Brainstorming

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Reverse thinking is to describe a problem in reverse. By
Reverse thinking

Reverse brainstorming is a way to solve problems. It focuses on what can go wrong instead of looking for direct options or/and solutions. This method is very effective because people are often better at spotting issues than coming up with solutions.

Conversation between A and B about reverse brainstorming. A: I am out of ideas B: Use reverse brainstorming B: Think what could go wrong then reverse it B: You never run out of things that can go wrong. By

Here’s how it works in 5 simple steps:

1. Identify the challenge
Start with a clear understanding of the challenge or issue you’re trying to solve.

2. Flip the script
Instead of asking how to solve the problem, you ask what could worsen this challenge or issue or what actions would guarantee the problem persists or escalates.

3. List the negatives scenarios
List and write down all the negative scenarios that could go wrong or that could be done to make the situation worse. Be as creative and detailed as possible.

4. Reverse the negatives
Take these negative scenarios and flip them around to see how to prevent them or take the opposite approach. This step helps uncover potential solutions.

5. Find solutions or options
Look for solutions to solve each negative scenario.

So feel free to use the reverse thinking approach by focusing on potential problems and flipping them into solutions. Reverse brainstorming can lead to innovative and effective ways to solve challenges where traditional problem-solving methods can not.

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