Power Currencies

Sep 22, 2021


Conversation between A and B about power currencies. B: The quality of our relationship depends on our power currencies
Power Currencies

Why do you need to know the power currencies?

We interact with each other daily; we either have control and power such as authority, influence, or dominance on others or the way around.
This control or power is defined as the power currencies.

What are power currencies?

There are many types of power currencies, and here are the fundamental power currencies:

  1. Resource currency.
  2. Network currency.
  3. Communication currency.
  4. Expertise currency.
Conversation between A and B about types of power currencies. B: They are four main power currencies: resource, network, communication, and expertise
There are many types of power currencies

Examples of power currencies

Communication currency:

Communication currency is all about interpersonal relationships skills such as active listening, conflict management, empathy, respect, confidence, self-esteem, amiability, critical thinking, etc.

Conversation between A and B about communication-currency. A: My coworkers don’t listen when I talk to them B: Maybe you need to improve your communication currency A: What currency? B: Communication currency is all about listening skills, conflict management, self-esteem, amiability, critical thinking skills, etc. B: Those skills take time to be mastered, be patient, and aim for the long term.
Examples of power currencies: Communication currency

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